Engine Services

When your vehicle arrives at Shreves, the engine size and model number will be verified and checked.  At Shreves we have an 80,000 sq. ft warehouse with a great selection of remanufactured engines that are always available.

Service EngineDuring the installation process, your service manager will oversee the technician’s progress and stay in touch with you. If you have questions regarding your new engine, your service manager will be glad to answer them. The service manager is responsible for making the entire process as easy as possible for you.



A multi-point inspection of all peripheral parts is performed as the technician removes your old engine from your vehicle. Your service manager will report this information to you. Your parts such as oil pan, radiator, motor mounts, exhaust and intake manifolds are inspected. Many items are removed, hot power washed in a special cleaning system, and re-gasketed for installation.


All installations are performed within the guidelines set by Shreves Engines and are subject to rigid quality control standards. Before your vehicle is completed, it must pass a multitude of quality tests including an actual multi-condition road test.

When you pick up your vehicle, your service manager will process your paperwork and your warranty.